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ioloMix 4th Generation Smart Wifi Sous Vide Cooker

BioloMix 4th Generation Smart WIFI Sous Vide Cooker

BioloMix has launched its top-of-the-range 4th Generation flagship model SV-9001 Sous vide cooker. With a Super Light and Slim Design, it’s the perfect choice for sous vide lovers to cook restaurant quality food like a pro. Thanks to the IPX7 Waterproof and Smart Wi-fi App control with recipes, you can now have more time with family and friends.

Sous Vide vs Traditional Cooking

Sous Vide vs Traditional Cooking

When you talk about Sous Vide cooking, people immediately associate it with professional chefs and fancy restaurants. And because Sous Vide is used by the professionals, we feel that it should be difficult for the average person in the home. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that Sous Vide cooking is the simplest way of cooking to get perfectly cooked food that is tender, flavorful and full of moisture.

Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker SD-P104WSK

Panasonic Automatic 1 Loaf Bread Maker SD-P104WSK

The Panasonic SD-P104WSK Bread Maker in among the top 5 bread makers in Malaysia. Its usage is easy as the bread making process is fully automatic. It mixes, kneads, proofs and bakes bread at the press of a button to give you perfect bread of your choice. There is no need for you to monitor the whole baking process, leaving you free to attend to other matters.

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