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Is Purchasing a Bread Maker the Right Choice for You?

Purchasing a Bread Maker the Right Choice

Almost everyone loves bread, especially freshly baked bread with the aroma tingling our senses in the early morning. I just enjoy having warm bread spread with butter and cheese or dipped in half-boiled eggs. And if you have not tried bread dipped in a hot curry on cold evenings, you really should give it a try.

Sadly, not everyone can bake great bread. Many produce dense bread and even bread that fails to rise after putting in all the energy and time kneading, proofing and baking. Then there’s the cleanup of flour and dough all over the kitchen and still not being to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It just makes you want to give up baking bread and just get your loaf from the shops.

If you really love baking bread at home, there is an option that can get you amazing bread without you having to do too much. Getting a good bread maker for your home can allow you to make different types of bread and save money compared to buying bread at the supermarkets or stores. And it can turn you into a great baker in no time. You will get to enjoy perfectly baked bread without all the frustrations of having to go through the trials and errors.

Getting a bread machine is worth it if you consume at least one loaf a week. With the Covid 19 Pandemic and most people being cautious about going out, having to work from home or have too much time on their hands for various reasons, quite a number have turn to the kitchen to make good use of the time. Baking bread is one activity that helps save money as well as earn a bit of money for some.

How easy is it to bake bread in a bread maker?

Making bread by hand involves a lot of kneading and proofing the bread a few times. Then the dough is baked in a preheated oven while a close watch is kept on the progress of the baking. Baking bread in a bread machine is much simpler. You add the ingredients, set the timer and push a button. The machine does all the rest. Bread makers can also be programmed to start at a predetermined time so that you can have freshly baked bread when you need it. This means that you can add in all the ingredients, set the timer to start in the middle of the night go to sleep and wake up to a freshly baked loaf for breakfast.

Using a bread maker saves you a lot of time. You can start the bake process and then go out or do other things that you want without having to monitor what’s happening in the machine. And the best part is that your kitchen stays clean.

What are the popular types of bread can I make in a bread maker machine?

If you go through the available recipes for bread makers, you will be amazed by the types of bread that can be baked in a bread maker. Many are the more popular and familiar breads, while some of the others you may probably not be familiar with. The more popular types of bread you can make include basic White Bread, Buttermilk Wheat Bread, Mozzarella & Sun-Dried Tomato Bread, Pesto Bread, Sourdough Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Rye Bread, Honey Walnut Bread, French Bread, Gluten Free Bread, Fruit Bread, Flat Bread and Dinner Rolls to name just a few.

What else can I make in a bread maker?

Other than bread, the next most popular thing you can make in a bread maker is cake. The other items include jams, yoghurt, sauces and soups, rice dishes, and even ice cream. Yes, some machines can even make ice cream! Just check if the machine you are about to purchase can do the recipes you are interested in, as not all bread makers are the same.

Is all the bread produced by a bread maker going to come out perfect?

Many people think that just because a bread maker bakes great bread, they can tweak the recipes and still get the bread to come out perfect. Bread maker recipes have been developed to take advantage of the machine’s capabilities. The amount and type of flour, the water measurements, the types of yeast are some of the variables that play an important part in getting a great loaf. Changing the type or quantity of ingredients, or adding others may affect the bread quality.

Also, certain bread machines may not have the program for the type of bread you are making.

Is bread baked in a bread maker healthy?

Getting healthier bread depends on the ingredients you put into the bread. You have no control over what goes into a store-bought loaf, but you can decide what you want in the loaf you make in your bread machine. There are lots of recipes that cater for getting a healthier loaf of bread. Following these recipes will ensure that what goes into your body is good for you.

How much does a bread maker cost?

The price of a bread maker varies from around $60 to more than $300. You have machines that require you to supervise each stage of the baking process, to those that are fully automatic and you are free to do what you want once the start button is pressed.

Quality machines cost more as they are built to last. You may own an appliance that cost more when compared to other makes, but is still running as well as the day you purchased it.

Some bread makers cost much more because of the versality of the programs that come with the machine. If you love variety, then spending more will be worth it because you can do so much more with that particular model.

What other things should I look out for in a bread maker?

Firstly, a bread maker is going to be bulky and probably weigh a bit. You are not going to store it somewhere and take it out when you want to use it. Take some measurements to see if the bread maker you are interested in will fit on your kitchen counter. Make sure there is enough space to open the top lid and remove the bread pan. Also, there should be enough space around the bread machine for ventilation.

Check that the programs available with the bread machine is what you are looking for. It would really be disappointing to find out later that the bread you were looking forward to baking cannot be done with the particular machine you chose.

Check that the bread maker is easy to clean. Is the bread pan non-stick? Are the accessories dishwasher-friendly?


If you love bread and plan to bake more than a loaf a week, love to variety in the bread you want to bake, or just want freshly baked bread at home without all the fuss, then yes, a bread maker is the right choice for you. You will get healthier bread and save some money at the same time.

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