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Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker

If you are looking for a simple to use, versatile bread maker that produces great bread fast, then you should be looking at the Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker. It looks good, has a small footprint, and is very reasonably priced.

Let’s take a look at its features.

The Kenwood BM250 makes 3 sizes of bread. You can select large, medium or small loaves by selecting the 500g, 750g, or the 1kg options from the menu. This is great if you want a loaf just for yourself, for the family, or when you are having guests over.

You can also choose to have your crust light, medium or dark.

The bread machine has 12 preset programs that let you choose from white, French, whole wheat, sweet, gluten free, packet mix, cake, dough, pasta dough, jam, bake and rapid bake.

Kenwood’s rapid bake gives you a great loaf in less than one hour. Now you can satisfy your craving for hot bread fast. In addition, there is also an option for a delayed timer bake start of up to 15 hours in advance. Great when you want a freshly baked loaf in time for guest arrivals, or timed for when you get up from bed the next morning.

Unlike most bread makers, the 31cm x 25cm by 25cm pan makes regular shaped loaves as opposed to the tower shaped loaves that you get with most machines.

Another great feature of the Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker is the 8-minute power interruption setting. In the even of a power disruption, the machine will resume baking where it left off when power resumes.

If you are not around when the baking is done, the BM250 turns itself off and has a 1-hour keep warm feature. Your bread will be nice and warm when you are ready to have it.

The Kenwood BM250 Bread Machine carries a 1-year warranty.

What’s in the box

1 x BM250 Bread Maker
1 x Non-stick loaf pan
1 x Paddle
1 x Measuring spoons
1 x Recipe and instruction booklet

There are lots of reviews from other users who have great things to say about this bread maker. Most find that it is easy to use. Makes great bread if you follow the instructions, has many features of the more highly priced bread makers, and is easily stored because of its compact design.

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