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Panasonic Automatic 1 Loaf Bread Maker SD-P104WSK

Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker SD-P104WSK

The Panasonic SD-P104WSK Bread Maker in among the top 5 bread makers in Malaysia. Its usage is easy as the bread making process is fully automatic. It mixes, kneads, proofs and bakes bread at the press of a button to give you perfect bread of your choice. There is no need for you to monitor the whole baking process, leaving you free to attend to other matters.


Temperature Sensor, Auto Yeast dispenser, Raisin Nut Dispenser, Crust Color Control, 13- hour digital timer, 13 menus

Automatic Ingredients dispenser

The temperature sensor, together with the auto yeast dispenser and raisin nut dispenser, ensures that the ingredients are added at the right time for that perfect loaf. The raisins, fruits & nuts, and other ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the loaf.

Simple and easy 5-step operation

  1. Remove the bread pan and set the kneading blade.
  2. Add high-gluten flour and other ingredients into the bread pan.
  3. Put instant dry yeast, dried fruits and nuts in the respective dispensers.
  4. Select your menu and press start
  5. When the bread is done, a beeping sound lets you know it’s time to take out bread.

13 Menus

The Panasonic SD-P104WSK Bread Maker comes with 13 preset menus.

8 bread cycles – bread, rapid, soft French, whole wheat, pineapple bread, rice flour bread
3 dough cycles – bread sough, pizza sough, dumpling skin
2 snack cycles – chocolate, cake

13-Hour Digital Timer

The preset delay-start timer, automatically turns on the machine up to 13 hours later. This allows you to select when your bread will be ready for your guests’ arrival, or for when you get up in the morning.

Crust Control

The crust pad lets you select the crust color between light or medium.

10-Minute Power Interruption Protection

If there is a power interruption during the bread-making process, the bread machine will resume baking at the moment the power interruption occurred.


Yeast is added at the optimum time
Raisins, fruits & nuts, and other ingredients are added automatically and spread evenly.
13 hour delayed start baking lets you decide when you want you bread to be ready.




The Panasonic SD-P104WSK Bread Maker is a great single loaf machine. It is easy to use and almost anyone can bake perfect bread. Although the price is high, the features justify the cost. The quality of your loaf is just so much better than those produced by the low cost bread makers.

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